ES post frequency and wordcount analysis plotted against SPY

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by n00b7r4d3r, Apr 15, 2008.

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  3. C'mon, why you laughing. I used to chart stocks based on posts from I tried yahoo but that is useless.

    Although, the second chart with keywords, lol.
  4. Can anyone else think of any interetesting keywords that they would like to see plotted? This is for posts in the ES Journal btw ... I thought I put that in the title; maby a mod edited it.
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  6. Yeah, you did.

    Let's see what "This is the bottom" or "This is the top" looks like ... great concept btw, LOLOL. :D
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  8. Surprisingly there are 0 instances of "this is the top" or "this is the bottom" in the es journal. (which is quite a contrast from other places here on ET).

    However I did look for instances of " top " and " bottom "

  9. KOOL ... here's another one "rule of 10", which is what the ES Journal is going to go down in history for! :p
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