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Discussion in 'Journals' started by sjzeno, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. sjzeno


    I'm starting a journal to keep track of my trades.

    I don't use any indicators on my charts but I do look at the $TICK.

    I'll post my trade history YTD so far and from here on out I'll try and post my trades after I close a position. Real time might be to hard but I'll post my predictions and analysis'.

    If anyone knows how to export data rom TOS ie trade summary etc... that would help.
  2. sjzeno


    First trade from this morning.

    BOT +1 /ESU0 @1093.00
    SOLD -1 /ESU0 @1095.25

    The 9:35 up bar on big volume got me looking at
    the 1093-1093.5 area. When price came back down to
    it I liked the price action to go long.

    ..I only trade 1 or 2 contracts.

    Looking to test yesterdays high and as of now
    a possible low is around 1080. These can change.
  3. sjzeno


    short 96.5

    looking for 95
  4. sjzeno


    shorted another at 98.25

    saw a short term cycle peak up there but I jumped the gun and should nailed the 1099 high on that bar.

    running into resistance though at the 97.25 pivot.

    still looking for 95...
  5. sjzeno


    Sold 2@99.50

    Was looking for 98.

    Covered 1@98.5 and another 1@98.

    Still holding two at 98.5 and 96.5 looking for 95.

    Looks like the 1101.25is going to be the high for the day.