ES per tick?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by antincedo, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. i thought it was $50 per tick on each contract. i am sim trading with oec and it's $12.50?

    also whats the deposit for a contract
  2. It is $50 per point.
  3. It is $12.50 per tick and $50.00 per point. Point is a whole number and tick 1/4 increments.
  4. $12.50 per tick, $50 per point, about $6200 margin (depends on broker)
  5. whats the deposit on each contract?
  6. all brokers require dif margins, some have as low as $500 per contract. but you would have to be off your rocker to trade on that kind of margin. 5k-10k should be plenty...
  7. Not sure I agree. 10 ES points is plenty of room. I agree, a black swan can easily move the ES 10 or more points before you have a chance to get out. However, a margin requirement is what you keep with the broker, not necessarily your networth. Someone worth $250k who wants to keep only $2500 with their broker, and trade 5 ES contracts... power to him.