ES options monthly vs weekly

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  1. Anyone know how these ES options get broken down?

    For example right now JUNE ES options have april expiry:

    April 12th
    April 19th
    April 30th

    IB lists the 19th as (ES) options and the 30th as (EW) implying end of month are weekly ?

    Are not all these considered weekly options?
  2. April 12th is a weekly

    April 19th is regular expiration

    April 30th is the end of month expiration
  3. Thanks

    how can 19th be regular expiry there is no April underlying ?
  4. Brighton


    I don't know if the terminology is the same with options on equity index futures, but in the physical commodity futures world, April would be called a serial month and its underlying would be the June futures contract.
  5. thanks
  6. End of month symbol should be EW, weekly - EW1, 2, 4
  7. yep. I just thought that there were options only in the underlying ( underlying has quartely cycles)

    So there is no difference trading the different instruments they all have the liquidity etc., its just whatever your time horizon is. Its all just time.
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    There's also April 5th, which is EW1 for April.