ES Options...Are they liquid enough to trade?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by maxreturn, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Up until now I have utilized a strategy to trade stock options which I have successfully adapted to the S&P market. This is a swing trading strategy off the daily charts. I do not want to trade intraday but the only way I can stay within my risk parameters is to possibly trade options. Are they liquid enough to trade?
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    the are liquid and they don't fall under the 25k daytrading rule
  3. Thanks ammo. Any advice on good futures options brokers?
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    TOS is the best,ask for commission drop after first 2 weeks.... edit.... tos is best for charts and options but the futures intraday are full margin,Dorman has futures for $500 intraday margin if you go home flat
  6. DWV and AMMO. Thanks a lot:D
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    I looked at them recently myself - but either ToS or the exchange won't let you place a spread order as one order, so its utility as a trading vehicle kind of sucks IMHO....I was told that if I wanted to do a spread on the ES options that I'd have to leg into them. Bleh. :(
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    What about Interactive Brokers?

    I trade ES/EW vertical spreads with them and works pretty good.