ES, NQ, YM are going to be sooo easy to trade now.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ang_99, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. When they ban short selling the wave's and trends are going to be soooo smooth.

    No more chop.

    Yeah baby!
  2. is this true??

    will there be an upward bias?
  3. why?
  4. You may be right but couldn't this also cause MORE chop? The market will move freely up to a point where buyers turn away and then it will come crashing down - i.e. if you artificially inflate anything there's only one way for it to go. I think we trend up followed by extremely sharp corrections, followed by more trend up.

  5. no short selling in China, but stock mkt still fucked up.

    it will jsut be way more inefficient. study after study shows that without short selling, spreads widen and volatility increases
  6. So I log on to elitetrader via iPhone and I see this thread. And oh, I thought. The SEC banning naked short selling would make ES easier to trade. But I noticed several threads regarding the sec banning SHort Selling on the main page. Could it be that the Sec has banned all short selling, naked or not???????? If that is the case, holy ducking shit!!!!

    I'm about to find out in 60 seconds but wow, you can go for a fickung beer without the whole financial world change.

    Wow!! So, guess I better go confirm my suspecions...
  7. If you are checking ET on your iphone while you are out having a beer, the ability to sell short should be the least of your worries.
  8. Please. You PM'd my ET account last time you were at Diamonds telling me all about the Greeks. :D