ES/NQ scalp trading - the real holy grail

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Jahajee, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. I am developing a scalp system to trade ES and NQ, and
    other indexes or ETFs

    This is based on a few studies from Tums' EL thread and some other stuff I have.

    We try to keep indicators to a minimum but you can add them if you wish.

    Hopefully, there will be updates during the day,.

    See attached with NQ 5 minutes data
    buy when blue dot appears (swing low)
    sell when magenta dot appears (swing hi)

    also can buy when MA turns blue (from magenta)
    also sell when MA turns magenta

    can filter buys and sells by buying only if price above blue line and sell when price is only below magenta line etc etc

    Suggestions/comments ?
  2. This is NQ 2 minute chart
  3. You put the dot yourself? Nice photoshop skill.
  4. What causes the dots to appear?

    How soon do they appear in real time - does another bar or two need to go by before the dot shows?
  5. ha ha

    NO, no, much less exciting than that -- basic stuff - the dots are swing hi and lo's, drawn in an indicator written in EL

    it is in one of the ET forums -- ask Tums
  6. it's an indicator or study in Multicharts... written in EL , it is in an ET forum, started by Tums

    Yes, it appears one or two bars after the swing hi or low is made -- I prefer to use 1 or 2 min ES or NQ when scalping with this .. Note the Hull average line - much better than usual MA - can also buy/sell with that or in conjuntion with sw hi/lo signals
  7. I like it. I trade Es and try daily to scalp it. I'm making about 300-400 a day trading one lots. I would love to test it with real money.
  8. Could you post a chart showing the entry bar for each trade? It sounds like you're entering the market a couple of bars after the swing hi/lo. Just wondering where the entry/stop/exits are.