Es, Nq, Qqqq @ Resistance

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    With quadruple witching friday.. i would bet on the unexpected.. .
    BUY SPY, QQQQ Dec ATM puts.

    This could also put a screaching halt to any end of year rally. Only concern is YM close to 11k.

    charts attached...
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    chart attached
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  4. i'd agree with you but with es near 1300 and the dow near 11k there's jsut oo much at stake not to hit those. the dow at 11k could cause huge buying and i think that alone will make the forces push us there. even though markets at highs i see giddiness as every pt up is a struggle here. belive me if we take out 11k and fly i'm going big time short for next year and holding
  5. short here, but watch out for MO ruling tomorrow a.m... $10billion on the table
  6. mo rulling were 10 mo pts to either side
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    shorting the open could work today... keep stops at breakout points
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    resistance hit and held.
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    take a look at the charts again.. this is simple TA in a news vacuum environment.. too much complacancy and least path of resistance now seems to be down.

    Will have to see, but bears showing their claws a bit and bulls have to be wondering why can't we break 11k already!
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    European stock indexes went to new year highs after the earlier expiration there.
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