ES & NQ charts

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by stevieoh, Jul 27, 2002.

  1. stevieoh


  2. Thanks Stevieoh...nice charts. Is this your own web site?

    I like the ES chart. Nice channel...Time to go short?:cool:
  3. Nice triangle on "Tent", also. Looks like it's ready

    to break.
  4. exce26


    It shows the market is still in downtrend.
    All headgefunds will be ready to be short after double top confirmation.
  5. stevieoh


    The site is a free site, much better than some of the others I have tried to post to.

    I have no idea if its time to short lol, I posted another chart on the market,'s&id=15 dunno how to take the recent decline in volume - almost seems like we're ready to continue south.

    I am looking at the last two inside days on the COMPX, hoping that Monday we will zoom or tank - but as it is, IMTO, we are at a critical place here and will (hopefully) break one way or the other Monday.