ES not available now @ IB?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by polpolik, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. did anyone get the same bulletin? I'm curious why it's not available for trading now. As soon as I bought ES, 2 minutes later it wasn't available for trading.
  2. Just got the same message, but from the quotes going across, it appears someone is trading it... I haven't tried to place an order, though.
  3. It's not accepting orders now. I thought it was a globex thing but it's just an IB thing.

    Nothing like watching a $200 gain evaporate in a few minutes because my broker's system isn't working.
  4. gangof4


    these assclowns are killing me. stuck in a position- again. they cost me over 15m last week when idealpro went down. this is fucking ridiculous.

    the ib defenders are employees with et accounts and compensated defenders (ie: commish discounts in exchange for defence- read: whores)
  5. I hear ya gangof4. it's working now.
  6. $15 million?
  7. cstfx


    His paper account.

  8. That's a little unkind gangof4.

    And untrue.

    And good for a laugh on a Monday morning. So thanks for your contribution to my good humor at the start of another interesting week.

    Cheers, Kiwi:)
  9. bpcnabe


    WTF? You have been pissing and moaning about this firm for, what, a year now? If they are such assclowns, why are you atill with them???

    And if you have such an account that you could lose 15 million dollars in a week on a currency trade (what would that be, 500m-1B notional value??) why are you not wiht another firm? Ever hear of rediplus??

    That line above just proves what a god damn fraud you are, just like your other members of the gang of 4 posters from last year who pissed and moaned about IB refusing to return money.

    If anyone here is an assclown, you win hands down.
  10. No one is answering the phones, is customer service open now?
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