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  1. Hello all! I am new to Elite Trader and enjoy the insightful candor with which some pro traders provide! I am an aspiring ES trader utilizing Market Profile (Market Delta), 10 min. candle charts with minimal technical overlays (such as Pivot Points and Value Areas etc.). In my trading (which is very short term, almost scalping), I always find myself looking back at a move wondering why I did not capture a larger portion of it, especially on trending days. Any input on capturing the larger "swings" consistently would be greatly appreciated. I will thank replyers in advance and wish you "All The Best" in your trading!
  2. If indeed you're using Market Profile, try to align your trades with initiating-range-extension activity. That's what "big" moves actually are.
  3. Thank you very much for the reply (sorry for late response)! Yes, I have been using MD "footprint" and find it very useful for observing participation. I hope to be able to catch the more "pure" moves which occur, thus avoiding the sideways "chop" whenever possible. Your insight is appreciated "Nazz".
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  5. "Tums", thank you for your posting as I have thoroughly enjoyed some of the posts on that thread. I do appreciate the guidance! All The Best!
  6. Why are you getting out of the moves you miss?:confused:
  7. Deaddog, thanks for the concern! I unfortunately am only a one-lot guy for now and thus aspire to a 2-4 pt. win when putting a trade on. However I have noticed that many traders (in the trading room that I subscribe to) who do trade multiples, do not leave many (conracts) on for the "swing" move, I suppose it's due 2-3 pt. S/Loss trailing. I would love to learn PATIENCE!!!!! I hope to someday! Thanks again Deaddog/
    all and Happy Trading!