/es momentum trades

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    i use a "most" anchored momentum/rate-of-change indicator...

    (here's some info on it: http://www.carljohnson.net/LDN/Technical_Analysis/Momentum and Divergence/Anchored Momentum.pdf)

    sometimes i pull out an oscillator or a MA, but generally just price and momentum...

    i don't like staying in a trade longer than 4 hours, and i dont like taking short term trades, so this strategy fits me well and quenches the greedy/fearful trader inside of me

    it's high probability and quite low risk...

    i don't think it's too complicated, it's quite discretionary though so maybe this won't be of any use to anyone, anyways, here goes....

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    Thanks for posting. Always interesting to see other styles of trading.

    I'd def like to see some live charts posted during the day of this.
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    thanks i just went long the /es at 1187.25, incoming pics, this is a short term trade

    nvm out at 1188, misread momentum! got lucky to make a profit