ES Mini Trading Hours

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  1. Sorry if this is obvious but on the CME Globex site the hours are listed as

    17:00-15:15 and 15:30-16:30

    What are the weekly and weekend trading hours for the ES mini futures?
  2. You already stated them. Sunday begins at 17:00.
  3. Open at 5pm cst on Sunday
  4. What about Friday and Saturday.

    What days are the hours of 15:30-16:30 applicable?
  5. Nothing on Saturday... and I believe Friday closes at 15:15.... then closed until 17:00 Sunday.
  6. M-TH
  7. So I guess that means that M-TH the market does not close?
  8. It does for 15 minutes then 30 minutes
  9. Stosh


    To recap in Central Standard Time:
    When you start trading at 5 pm on Sunday, you trade until 3:15 pm Monday , then closed til 3:30 (15 min), then trade for one hour til 4:30 , closed for 30 min til 5:00 pm, then reopens and trades til 3:15 pm next day when process repeats til 3:15 pm on Friday at which time it closes til 5 pm on Sunday. At least that it how it works on my computer with IB. Also confusing as to how they label the days. Stosh
  10. How's the liquidity from 5pm - 8pm (EST) weekdays? Volume worth trading or no?
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