ES-mini datafeed problems with Esignal charts

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by seppi1, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. seppi1


    Problem: Charts won't update unless I refresh the charts. All other stocks and Indices are ok.
    This happens at various times random. This Monday it is the entire day.
    This started months ago and service calls were useless, calling it a PC problem. But 2 PC's do not turn on/of just selecting E-mini's.

    Techs deny that anybody else has any problem. This puts me against a wall: What else could interfere with my account.

    I have 2 PC's
    with a Router,
    cable 1.2Mbps.
    10 Charts with 2MB total,
    INTEL Core3 CPU with 3 GHz,
    4 GB RAM.

    Using only 200 kB of charts did not change anything

    One more : a router for 2 PC with a printer and cable (no filesharing) might give access to outside PC's if some FS from outside is possible.

    QUESTION: Since I could not find any technicel help at ESignal,

    Perhaps Some one with similar experience could give his/her's opinion what is happening to my account