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    My hubbie's away for a few months and I'm bored just trading so I thought I'd post my trades for my IRA account. I trade 3 systems, a daytrade breakout, a daytrade reversal, and a swing trade trend following system. I've been trading my little account and doing system trades for our family account for about 3 years.
    So far I've been averaging about 50% return per-year on my IRA so I think it's been worth it.

    My hubbie made all my systems so I won't be of much value to others starting out. So far this month I've been losing (down about 48 points coming into today). I've been trying to improve and avoid losing months. I only had one losing month last year. Last month was pretty good and I was up about 3 1/2%.
    Lets see if this month gets better.

    Here's where I'm at now:

    Swing - Coming into today I'm short 6 ES from 1133.75 on 2/2.
    I have a stop and reverse at 1136.25 currently.

    Breakout - Today I'm short another 6 from 1124.50 buy stop at 1128.50.

    Reverse - I also have a buy stop in to buy 6 at 1126.25.
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    Cancelled my reverse trade.
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    Put reverse trade back on buy stop at 1126.25.
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    Breakout - tightened buy stop to 1127.00
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    Reverse filled at 1126.25
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    Breakout - stopped out at 1127.00
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    Sell stop on reverse trade is at 1122.75

    Overall position right now is even - Short on swing trade and long on reverse trade.
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    Reverse - closed out at 1126.50


    Points of profit before today -48

    Breakout - 2.50*6 = -15.00
    Reverse + .50*6 = +3.00

    Points of profit after today -60

    Open position short 6 in swing trade from 1133.75
  9. you just got to take a break and do nothing . . . Especially when it is the Thursday before the Unemployment Numbers!

  10. Miss,
    What time frame do you use in your intraday TA to generate entries/exits ?
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