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    ES Journal -- without the fluff.

    Let the games begin.
  2. Not sure giving you keys is such a good idea :D :D

    No BS, I'm game.
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    :D You can drive if you like.
  4. I'm subscribing.
    But today, I can't stay at the computer I have errands to run.
    Right now I think we're breaking a bear flag (intraday) prices have to move to 1532-1529.75 but recovery after that is possible (9 point recovery)
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    Vertigo -- I'm sorry this a closed thread -- your not allowed.
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    Just Kidding !! Welcome.
  7. I am flat, but I will hit the bid on ES if we break below 16300 in EURJPY.
  8. Whoever needed to clean up for the quarter and the month probably done so, for the most part.

    At this point, buying over 1537, for whatever scraps of cheese I can get.

    Not getting short until 1530 breeched.

    The last hour of the day is where price likely gets spanked.

    Buy til then...

    I'll be back if something changes.
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    I'm also flat. I closed out my ES postion and did a small scalp on the ESTX50.

    I'll post a pic of what I was looking at in the next post.
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    Sold the bounce -- covered @ the lower channel. Simple as pie.

    Currently flat.
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