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    I am writing this journal to document my trading as a complete newbie. I decided to pick up and learn trading about 1 month ago and have been researching non stop. I have chosen to start with ES and will base my style off of ESResistance and BRV's info on another forum. It seems to be the most direct and pure form. I am still learning trade management, determining good S/R lines and everything else really. Hopefully through researching and following the above traders, I can become profitable. I will be trading on a sim until I am profitable for atleast 3 months. I will post my levels and trades daily. Below are the pieces of software I have lined up.

    Ninja Trader with MBTrading

    Tomorrow I will post where I would put my PP and S/R lines and see if they are close to ESResistance's. Please keep the "newbie" flaming to a min as I am fully aware I will make mistakes that might seem obvious to others.
  2. Great coincidense -- I was just thinking about posting some YM charts using NT with a DTN.IQ feed

    mind if I piggy back your thread?
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    Here are the two charts for Oct 21. I used 1 weeks worth of data on a 1 hr chart and a 4 hour chart. I have the following

    1hr chart / 4 hr

    R1 - 993.65
    PP - 941.75
    S1 - 879.27

    I started with the 4hr, picked the lines and then confirmed with the 1 hr. I am open to any suggestions on the lines. I will look to go over my thoughts on how I will be looking at trade management via the resources in the first post.
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    2nd chart
  5. No offense mate but was wondering why you are trying to determine Daily pivots? That info is readily available in a number of sites (Like and is also an indicator in Ninja Trader (Daily/weekly).

    I think it is good to work on the support and resistance lines, so good on ya for that!

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    No offense taken at all. I was under the impression that PP could vary like R/S even though both can be calculated. Am I wrong? All suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    ESRisistance pointed out an error I was making, so here are the adjustments for Oct 22 on a 1hr chart. I started with a 4hr chart looking at about 7 days worth of data and then confirmed on the 1hr with 7 days and then took it down to 2 days.
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    Oct 23. I used a 1 hr chart and went back about 4 days.
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    Well after stressing out about picking accurate S/R levels to ESResistance, I finally was able to bring it in and get really close. My mistake was that I was focusing on every LL and HH and not considering the leves that acted as both S/R as much as I should have been. I did take a trade on the sim last night at 944.25 @ 25.33. I will detail my trades more and how I handle my station tomorrow. ESR has been very patient in helping me with questions. Thanks
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    My levels are set today and I will be waiting to take a couple of sim trades. I have been studying ESR's trades that he has been taking and I feel comfortable if the trade presents itself. I am using Ninja Trader with the SUPER DOM and have some atm strategies I am playing with. Below are the levels I selected.


    I will post later when I take a trade and the outcome
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