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  1. Buy1Sell2


    Longer term position player looking to post here some shorter term ES trades to begin to get a feel for the intraday movements etc. Some positions will be held overnight and I will use this as a training ground to get stops put in at correct levels etc. It may take me a while to get good. I am used to holding positions for weeks and months.


    EDITED BY MAGNA — As the ES Journal has been split into a couple of parts here are links to the earlier archives:

    ES Journal Archive (2009 - 2010)

    ES Journal Archive (2006 - 2008)
  2. Breaking out very nicely now!!
    God I love the ES.
  3. emg


    Good Morning Traders!
  4. candles


    should be there very soon. We'll see some brilliant upside this month.
  5. Dare I say it ... this thing might actually threaten to put in a double digit range today! :eek:

    (I mean in RTH)
  6. shouldn't have close that earlier trade.
    Back in long here at 1264
  7. bull rally?- I doubt it

  8. r104dawin

  9. gonna close this soon at 1270 for another +6
  10. Samsara


    Fantastic activity. Unfortunate that ISM is reporting in 15 min. I'm going to cover before then, at least.
    #10     Jan 3, 2011
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