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  1. Looking at the charts and trying to determine possible path of ES over 2009.

    I think the high may be between 1100 to 1150

    Low: 550 to 600

    Close: 1050 to 1100

    High will be nearer the end of year
    Low will be nearer start of year
  2. should be an interesting morning. I'll be selling between 906 and 908 stop at 911.50 before the big stops get triggered at 915. My theory is it should fill back in at least to 875 st. But since i would be considered at failure to break back into the up channel could be a lot more violent!
  3. If 919-920 is broken, look out above.
  4. If we are going to get a sell off, it will be event triggered.

    Perfect timing would be test of yearly low or new low around Inauguration.

    Not bearish, just a caution to the bulls. :)

    Edit: That means, no matter how high ES reached today or Monday, even > 945, does not matter because a shock can easily take ES back down to 850 area in no time.

    Edit again: If there exists PPT, which is now switching hands, what would you prefer if you were them? A lower starting point = easier to claim credit for performance :)
  5. Another odd day ... 4:00 pm close at 900 has a small gap up, and 4:15 pm close has a large one.
  6. Still in low volume mode.

    Funny thing is, extreme buying is seen again, this time cannot push up the price at all.
  7. ammo


    trans at res
  8. ammo


    sh 98/97 ..93 bid quick scalp...small ledge on MP at 94 from wed,expexting to trade under,add 900, add 02 ,offer 03,,06 stp,,,add 05, move stop to 08
  9. Decel


    If 896.50 holds we have yet another ADU...
    #10     Jan 2, 2009
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