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  1. Longer term position player looking to post here some shorter term ES trades to begin to get a feel for the intraday movements etc. Some positions will be held overnight and I will use this as a training ground to get stops put in at correct levels etc. It may take me a while to get good. I am used to holding positions for weeks and months.

    First trade was short yesterday at 1289.75 (from another thread). I'm still short ESH6 as of now with the stop at 1297.50.
  2. Buy stop has been moved to 1294.25
  3. covered short and went long at 1288.00

    profit 1.75 pts

    stop loss is at 1282.25
  4. sold long at 1286.00 resumed short at 1286.00

    buy stop is 1292.75

    loss of 2 pts
  5. covered and went long at 1288.00

    loss 2 pts

    stop 1280.50
  6. sold long at 1290.75 and went short at 1290.75

    profit 2.75 points

    stop is at 1296.50
  7. covered short and went long at 1286.75 4 point profit

    stop is at 1280.25
  8. romik


    observing your action 2day, i reckon if you keep doing what u r doing your capital will keep shrinking at a steady pace. Just out of curiosity, at what time did your trades take place?
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  9. closed out long at 1291.50 just now in evening session. 4.75 pt profit. No position on for now.
  10. End of first day totals

    6 trades 4 winners 2 losers

    total profit 9.25 points = $462.50 per contract

    Total comission = $37.62

    Total profit per contract = $424.18
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