ES Journal - 2021/2022

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    Longer term position player looking to post here some shorter term ES trades to begin to get a feel for the intraday movements etc. Some positions will be held overnight and I will use this as a training ground to get stops put in at correct levels etc. It may take me a while to get good. I am used to holding positions for weeks and months.

    I'll be posting here Jan 1.
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    How much are you up since March?
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    I'll do a tally and post it.
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    A better question would be, "How much are you up in total from the start of the 2019/2020 journal?" Like, post your 2-year tally in the end of that thread, and start fresh here from zero on Jan 1st.
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    ----Happy New Year----
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    Tally your banana! (I'd post the song, but you get it, hehe).
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  7. Short 51.50. Stop @ 62. Beer money account / swing trade practice.

    I may be a bit early here, but we're due a move lower. 1st week of the year have a bullish bias, but the week is still young.

    Happy new year!
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    I'd start a shorter-term short bias on Tuesday. Jan 6th (Wed) can be make or break for this current run-up. GTFO if the GOP keeps the Senate, and wait for Kamala to bark about Trans Tax.
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  9. Odds strongly favour a hold above 48/53 on today's session. Prepared to buy this pullback.

    Scratch that on a break below.
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  10. Not 48. 44.

    We may have the LOD now. Or very soon.

    If no support here, watch out below.
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