ES Journal - 2017/2018

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    I trade long term commodity trading. OMG the swings at some point become huge whether going up/down, I had to think in more of terms of percentages, much easier to take. Few months ago I was short and plus 25 points in ES on long term trade, then went back up but didn't stop out, then went down and at 40 points took 25% of contracts take profit, then went back up to stop me out. Then I got short on new highs and remain short. You have to just get use price bouncing, not for everyone.

    I see day trading as horrible way to make money cause of overall risk. I risk more in one day of day/scalping than all month in long term trading, only reason I continual is took me so long to figure out the game. I keep telling traders if you net $80 a day based on one lot then, get volume it to 50 lots is million a year. Too many think they have to day all day and they don't have to.
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    I think you're on the sauce tonight. But that is ok, because I think you are correct and agree.
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    Nobody mentioned compounding after a win, an optional strategy within the PRM 'arsenal'.

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    +5 on the first 15 min bar
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    I think this is very true by experienced traders, too often younger traders will say "well I have my stop loss in place, if trade is wrong, I will let stops take me out", I often think they don't know enough about charting where the chart can be telling them the trade most likely wrong and they can save "units" instead of just tossing away money and let markets stop them out. I believe those who have this in their automation or rules in manual trading will get out and save some money.
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    No obvious reason to be short yet so I stay long for now
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    Short SPY @226.90 as a swing trade
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    Sell stop raised to 2260.25. Price currently 2270.75
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    We are up 16 pts from the buy signal that I indicated on page 38
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    Out at 2271.00 for gain of 14.25 pts
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