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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Buy1Sell2, Dec 23, 2016.

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  1. Compound that stuff,
    and have 100 a day, instead of a week. :confused:
    B1S2, it's your crazy thang,...High-Five`
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  2. Jzwu2017


    Bulls make $. Bears make $.

    Buy1Sell2 is a perma bull here so he makes $. Even though his win rate is only 33%, with good risk management he still came out ahead.

    A good lesson!

    However, with improved pattern recognition (to increase win rate) and a flexible mind (more shorting in a down day/market), one can make much more profit. Well, every person’s style is different. Whatever works for you is what counts.

    I have been shorting and my win rate is 100% so far. I didn’t trade much though. Just having fun watching the market mostly.
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  3. algofy


    Nice week B1S2.
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  4. RRY16


    You cement heads look at the swings on the daily’s for the week, he wouldn’t even make the single A team..did he even take one short trade?
    #2944     Feb 10, 2018
  5. algofy


    How many points did you net?
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  6. RRY16


    Look at his trading thru the whole week, if you think that’s the proper way to trade then get wet with it..go back and look at the daily’s. Have fun at Cheerleading Camp.
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  7. algofy


    How many points did you say you netted again this week?
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  8. RRY16


    Tell your boy to post a real trade and you get mine. Again look at the daily swings of the whole week, he wants accolades and hero worship and you gave him want he thirst for.
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  9. algofy


    Real or not is not something I really care about. He posts in real time with stops and targets. Nobody else consistently does this.
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  10. Jzwu2017


    I feel whatever people do here, others agree or not, really helps us learn from each other.

    Apparently, I don’t fully agree with what Buy1Sell2 did last week (keeping long in a down market/days), but I learned a lot from his trading. Obviously it worked for him.

    Say, one can utilize a long setup and only looks for signals to long. Even in a down day/market there are usually some opportunities during bouncing back. In an up day/market you will hit home runs, as Buy1Sell2 did. And vice verse for a short setup.

    Remember bulls make $ (even in a bear market) and bears make $ (even in a bull market). One just has to find a style that suits him/her. For myself, I realized that I tended to oscillate too much between long and short during not so obvious up or down days, thus missing good trading opportunities and essentially acting like a sheep herding and getting slaughtered.

    Last Friday was an excellent example. A bear would make good profit during the first half of the day and a bull would in the second half of the day.

    In the Market Wizards series, there is one trader used only short strategy (a perma bear?) and made exordinary returns (I think over 20% per year). For example, in a bull market there are still bad companies/industries.
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