ES Journal - 2017/2018

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    For those bears getting stuck, there is a hope because ES rarely leaves any open gap like this. However, I don't think this gap will get filled within today/tomorrow because swing signals are quite bullish.
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    No idea whether gap will be filled today or whenever, as you said they mostly do get filled. I also agree that stocks will continue rallying until the time when Trump becomes president and starts putting in plans of 'change'. Daily chart has bottomed (three higher lows and MACD positive as well). Gapped from daily support zone.

    Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 15.36.58.png
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  3. Handle123


    On days like today when they gap this much on open from previous day, it becomes another day off for Scalpers like myself, just way too much volatility. I do well trading "noise" but too loud today, and that's ok, who doesn't like another day off? Trading is often about self discovery, what works for you and risk management, too risky I will trade maybe tomorrow for Indexes, but there is always currencies and crude oil.
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  4. I agree about large gaps. But I don't take the day off. I just forgo the golden hour, have some breakfast, maybe put on a couple micro-currency contracts and take a stroll. Whatever works. Increased volatility is great, extreme volatility I wait out and do/trade other things.
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    If you going for larger profits in Indexes, increased volatility is ok, but when you trading "noise" and going for 1-3 ticks, it a bit different for me. I enter on controlled limits and don't expect market to rapidly move other way too many points, I ave down so price going against position is ok as I understand what is normal wave size of the "dips" but when it is like today, it is a day off as abnormal price action would be massive losses. Many scalpers don't trade less than full week of trading so they take 8 weeks off, am too greedy and wait for open and if too great-done. All the automation has rules to not trade Indexes on days like today as well. Scalping "noise" later on has lack of volume and follow through, so rather work on other things.
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    Trading noise? Its all music to me. But! Doesn't it depend on watcha lookin at?:D
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    Day trade Short 2241.00. Initial stop 2243.00
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    Stopped for 2 pt loss
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    Day trade short 2244.50 Initial stop 2247.75
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    Stopped for 3.5 pt loss
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