ES Journal - 2017/2018

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  1. big mac

    big mac

    BS you are holding thru 2350
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  2. trdes


    Yeah, I mean that's 70 points up from here and 30 points down and that isn't even the stop loss.... can happen but some very vague trades and comments posted here today.
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  3. _eug_


    I have a question. What do you guys consider as the closing price for the day? Is at at 4pm EST as per normal stock market hours or the 4:15 EST when the contract actually closes?
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  4. big mac

    big mac

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  5. algofy


    You are providing absolutely ZERO value in this great thread.
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  6. Thought that earlier also until ES stalled at 2390 again.
    And what value do you bring?
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  7. Good trading Big Mac, cheesy
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  9. Guys, let's keep the integrity of this journal intact. We are here to share entries and exits and at times trade thoughts. We are not here hiding behind our keyboards to take each other out to the woodshed on positions being held. There are other ways to relieve stress.

    Trading is psychological enough, why try to make it harder?
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  10. Weekly options expiring today looks to be pricing in 22-23 pt move today from 2385. Buckle up boys.
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