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    Well, am forward testing newer system manually as am waiting for programming to be done by buddy of mine, but he a bit behind. I don't use ATR or Orderflow imbalance too much when scalping, they never decreased losses well enough to make a difference for me, so why use them. System uses no stops in beginning and in case of fat finger mistake, system stays in, much has to do with patterns I have been able to solve, market goes so far in time then plus one tick is mental stop, not going to share my first and only target, but half size is liquidated and rest stay with trend. But I have different scalping systems all with different targets and all average down, you get your losing percentages low enough, be a fool not to average down. My mental stops are 4.25 to 4.50 points, they are factored into size of swings and individual waves. I don't look at the market changing much at all, you day trade for over three decades, what you use to think markets change, they are only times that you have never seen before, after awhile it becomes all the same day in and day out. I even remember the day that S&P500 futures contract started to trade in 1982, FNN(now CNBC) was showing the pit and handful of guys in the pit.

    But I never recommend for retail to trade without stops or average down, you have to have no emotions, have all the answers before the questions are raised for your system. You have to know more about your system than just about anything in your life as you risking your families future when you trade.
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    Ugh please go away, why is this good thread attracting morons the last few days?
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  3. "they are factored into size of swings and individual waves".

    Stop metrics use all that plus the ATR. The current market structure will largely dictate my stop size whether mental or hard. . Even if I am scalping I aways have a stop somewhere just in case some black swan event happens or if the internet fails, computer crashes or whatever else, perhaps a Trump tweet. I think it's a good habit to have. Although I have Pro trader mates who scalp like mad who don't use stops. I have seen them in the past 5yrs get smashed. The day the GPB tanked when the S&P had that huge sell off through algoes going mad. Just have to be careful there is always another day to trade if you still have an account size worth trading.

    I too have 3 decades of trading.
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    Continuing long here with RTH hard stop at 2375.00 . ( Pricing is currently at 2383.00)
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    Continuing short here with ETH hard target at 2374.75 . No stops before 13:03, because I play like a newbie.
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    Please stop posting on this thread.
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    franT is no longer welcome on this thread. And a general warning to all others — this is too good a thread to post nonsense or trash, so if that is your intention best that you find another thread to pollute.
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    Thank you very much--Izzy
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  9. Should be on route to the next big push up now. Waiting for 2450 area
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    I agree and am staying long. If wrong, I'll get out. That's the key.
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