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    I'm trying to focus on taking a couple of prime set ups a day. Doing a quick scalp method I paid for, just never fit and stresses me out. Started out pretty conservative and seems like I'm headed back that way.
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    Pretty amazing---That 2349.50 magnet
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    Or perhaps it's rubber
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  4. speedo


    Price has memory :D
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  5. Gotcha



    I wonder if you could comment. I went to the trouble to look back through your calls today and plotted them on the chart along with the time stamps from ET.

    For your first call at 10:54, you say you went short for a scalp, but no mention of entry or exit.

    2nd trade was a short at 2337, and the exit which happens at 11:17am. Of course given the time it takes to post, we can assume that your exit was filled on the bar 1 minute prior, so this makes sense.

    3rd trade though is difficult to follow. You say you went short at 2336, which makes sense, but then you don't post an update until quite a few minutes later at 11:32. Even if we give you the 1 minute leeway, its obvious that this doesn't work. If you exited at 2335, since you said the short from 2236 was only good for +1, then this means you had to exit a minute after entering, so at 11:28 at the latest, but you didn't post until a full 4 minutes later. Why? Your 2nd trade exit was posted much more promptly, so we have to assume it doesn't take you long to post at all.

    4th trade is also difficult. You post at 11:48 your entry and exit all in one post, but the trouble is that the entry of 2340 could have only happened at 11:38, a full 10 minutes before your post, and your exit would have also had to have happened much sooner.

    volpri trades.png

    Since all you ever seem to post are winners, and every single real trader will attest to many losses, we have to be more vigilant. It seems like you take credit for trades that end up netting you big gains, and when it doesn't go your way, you claim its only a scalp.

    You're a long time poster so I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt, but the chart and time stamps don't lie.
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  6. algofy


    B1 has posted allot of losing trades. I'm interested to see his response to your post.
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  7. Gotcha


    I never question B1S2's trades. Lots of people jump on him for holding onto losers, or never taking profits when he is nicely in profit and ultimately closes it at a loss, but nobody can say his trade calls aren't transparent.

    Edit: After seeing B1S2's post, and reading your reply again, you may have confused who this was addressed to. These trade calls I question after from volpri, not B1S2.
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    The question wasn't posed to me
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  9. algofy


    Oops, I didn't pay enough attention. Just assumed it was to u since this is your thread, I forget some other people post trades from time to time.
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    correct, my mistake.
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