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    Stop has been raised to 2333.00 Current pricing is 2365.75.
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    I'm looking for some constructive feedback/criticism on an idea I'm thinking of going live with. Please provide your honest input and opinions. Below is the context behind the idea and how it would work.

    I've worked on the IT side of investment banks, trading firms, and hedge funds. The theme I see developing lately is that of multi-tenant platforms that can earn revenue by charging fees for their use. Companies are building platforms that would allow "IT" to behave more like profit centers rather than cost centers by renting out the platform.

    I'd like to take the same approach with the platform I've been developing by renting out the signals provided by the platform. The platform uses Python, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, and MemSQL and will ultimately reside on AWS. The platform will be used for my own trading in various instruments and timeframes. Initially, I'd like to take only the 15m signals provided by the platform and offer them as a service to new traders or even experienced traders wishing to complement their current strategies.

    The service will provide up to 27 signals per day based on 15m intervals. The exact entry and stop will be provided. Minimum profit target will be 3-5 ticks per trade. The strategy can accommodate averaging in or just trading one contract waiting for the profit target to be reached.

    I'm looking for ideas on fee structures for such a service. I'd like to take the hedge fund approach of 2 and 20 on all profits per day. So, a $750 day would incur charges of $165 per day.

    Again, looking for constructive feedback/criticism.

    Thank you.
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    3-5 ticks would more appropriately be 1 min signals in my view.
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    Stop still looks to be 2353.00 Pricing on this market call is at 2366.75
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    Methinks equity folks are gonna' get blindsided when Trump opens his mouth tomorrow on Capitol Hill. Be sure you have a catch basin for losing positions.
    This one could get ugly.
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    Think about it logically for a moment. A new president equates to uncertainty. Would you invest your money in an uncertain environment without a significant margin of safety? Marking down prices seems a smart way to bring in the buyers again. Give them a good value and they will stomach the uncertainty.
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    Stop on this market call now looks to be 2360.00. Pricing is 2367.75
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    L 68.75
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    Its hard to trade from unknowns, best to stay on the side of price and ignore the rest. Price will always reflect strength or weakness. Surprises are what they are, this why they invented stops.
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    took a tick
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