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  1. My belief is that 2013 will be a down year in the ES. I currently have an order in to be short on a sell stop at 1423.00. I will post protective stop if trade is entered. :)
  2. Currently, no position in ES. I am fully out of stocks in rest of portfolio as well and just earning interest in other instruments etc.
  3. What I am seeing is an approach to previous highs with little vigor to get there. Very possible that the top is in or is near. I will be looking to play the short side if that opportunity presents itself.
  4. Currently I am trading in between longer term and short term. I am trading primarily using the 240 minute chart.:)
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    Common man, be a sport and lets move over to the other journal that has already been started. All of us are posting there. If you wanted to start this year's journal, you should have started it on 1st trading day of the year. You can take the honor by starting the journal for 2014, if that is so important for you. LOL.

    [EDITED BY MAGNA:] To avoid confusion please post to the standard ES Journal - 2013 as mentioned above. Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.