ES Journal - 2013

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  1. Might as well add a "prediction" for 2013.

    ES will hit 1550 this year. May not stay there, but will hit it.


    As with all predictions and calls, this was made by a human against a fully dynamic market consisting of millions of opinions. It is essentially worthless and should not be followed with any real money.

  2. L 1453.50
    TGT 1472
    stop 1440
  3. ES hitting 1570 in 2013 which is only abt 8% higher than now
  4. I'll mortgage the bar to short 1530-1550 s&p this year
  5. ammo


    spx 1465 n 1475
  6. ammo


  7. Would appear many a buy will be triggered if we breech this res.......

    Another gap may fade into the distance only to be revisited after shaking the balls from the sack of those under-capitalized.
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    not convinced that this is anything more than the banks pulling strings, a lot of the puppets were missing in december for any number of reasons, i dont see any of them back yet,all the nips represent old buyers or sellers or value areas, and the support or rejection or lack of is showing very few leftover shorts or longs, less players ..with that said they may have trouble reaching their target
  9. Time will tell.

    As Ricky Ricardo said to Lucy..."iss gonna essplode at some point!"
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