ES in Medved QuoteTracker??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tt1452, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. tt1452


    How do you view quotes on ES NQ and YM in quote tracker?

    Will you be able to see them with any feed or does it have to be from IB?

    What symbols are used in front of ES (@) ($) ??

    Can you construct the kind of charts needed to trade these issues using Quote Tracker?
  2. There are multiple datafeeds that support futures in QuoteTracker including IB, IQFeed, Prophet, myTrack, CyberTrader, MB Trading and others.

    For IB, the symbol format is:
    ACE:YM DEC 03 (3 spaces after YM, 1 after DEC)

    We support tick, chandlestick/ohlc and line charts so shouldn't be a problem getting the charts :)

    Jerry Medved
  3. Mr Medved

    I like to use the SAR arrow buy and sell signal and ignore the rest of the dots. But many times this arrow comes up and then it goes away. Can you do anything about that problem on the quote tracker.

  4. the most current value on the chart is changing till the bar is closed, so the indicator can change as well. that works as intended.
  5. What you describe is not a "problem" but an asset. Wait for the bar to complete if that's what you wish to do. However, I prefer QT as it is now with the indicators changing with price in real-time. This gives a range of prices to choose from and often I can anticipate the close of whatever particular indicator before bar completes often getting a better price.

    The way it is now gives you more flexibility so please don't ask for less functionality.

    Many thanks to QT team for a great product. :)
  6. j_medved,

    Any plan in the future to include the ability to save intraday charts?

    BTW, great job on a great product.

  7. y, will probably do that. Right now you can just hit ALT+PRINT SCREEN and then paste them into Word or Paint, or use something like Snagit to auto-save when you hit print screen button.
  8. And you can email the charts to yourself...
  9. Yes I can do that, but I can't analyze them further by changing the indicators or the timeframe. I can only see the snapshot which is not very useful, to me at least.