ES has built a rocket...

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    ES has built a rocket ship that can take it much deeper into higher-high, new all-time-highs territory. The rocket ship is a massive weekly pin bar that is so text book perfect that it brings a tear to my eye. Now I personally think this market is a total joke but personal feelings aside, this is simply an uber bullish technical setup.

    If you followed any of my trades from last year: short kiwi, long oil, long USD, short Euro... all of those profitable trades had 1 thing in common... a text book pin bar off of a key support and resistance level. In this case we have a textbook weekly pin bar off of an important medium-term trend line.

    Nothing is guaranteed, but then again trading is not about guarantees it's about probabilities. I think this setup moves the probabilities in favor of a move higher rather than lower.

    I am not going to be posting about this regularly. I am just going to leave this here and then dust it off in a few weeks or months and see what happened.

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  2. I thought you stopped posting once you lost money
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    Stopped posting when I moved into my new house. I know you were dissapointed.
  4. I followed your thread!
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    Good, then you already knew that.
  6. Yes I thought it was because you lost money
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    No, it was my house move and my job. Actually, I just got back from the bank, closed on my old house and handed over the keys to the new owner.

    The candlestick trades I referenced here are eternalized in my other journal for anyone to see if they feel the need. At any rate, here is the setup. I will be back in a few weeks or months to see how it played out.
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    that pin bar is another bar with a lower high and lower low....

    massive pin bars are the worst because it shows huge momentum to the downside.

    THAT SAID what is more interesting is the engulfing that occurred 8 week earlier a huge bull bar that opened on the low and closed at the high.....that is something to get excited about and does increase the significance of the pin bar IF the high is taken out.

    in that case that is a high probability buy
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    Just like the massive bullish pinbar just before the US dollar exploded higher?

    Not even worth arguing with you. Good luck.
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    krugman25. you are right. this site is full of wanna bees who dont trade and even if they did would be scared gummy bears melting down over a 1 lot micro because they are down a tick! 1.25! this site is full of them. wannabees strugglers blood suckers of spirit and mind. they want it for free easy street. you gotta oay for real meat on the bone you beyond meat trading wanna be balony blow me micro futires trading little bitches. krugman25 is back!! bullish to the moon
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