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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by profitseer, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. how do I enter a gtc on globex for es? Lord knows I have tried. I'm using tws. Have tried to enter one using the order ticket. Lately I've been getting confused whose purging what when.

    Put in an order after the 17:00 globex maintenence, but somebody got me later on. Maybe tws, maybe globex. I get notices all gtc orders are being purged. that's cool. just how do I enter one?

    Sometimes tws asks me for a valid expiration date. I try Dec 03 to let them know I'm trading esz3, but they won't accept that, so I try just any date in the near future thinking maybe they're asking me how long I want my gtc in force. I mean it's pretty self explanatory. I want my gtc in force until it's filled or cancelled. I'm not really particular about the date and time.

    If I knew the date and time I would just mark my calendar and set my alarm and then enter a mkt order at the specified time. But so far, that kind of knowledge only exists in my fantasy.

    But if you did know what the exact price would be at an exact time, you could probably develope a very profitable trading system.

    maybe I'll work on it. But until then, anyone know how to enter a gtc for es using tws?
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    just change the tag from the order entry line from DAY to GTC.

    every now and then over weekends Globex purges GTC's that are way out of the market. IB does it's best to inform clients if/when they are affected.
  3. oh, that was easy. LEFT CLICK. not RIGHT CLICK. I always right click when I'm not sure. left clicking when I'm not sure has gotten me into more doggone questionable positions. thanks def