ES going down yo, greek surprise?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ghettotrade, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Yo I gots some prints down 1344.50 I be drinking and watching tv and noticed the ES down.

    Greeks coming, yo greeks coming!! yo yo get outta here eeeyoo greeks coming hide you shits ES print 1344.25

    friday they are gonna snatch you longs.
  2. Just checked out the news. Interesting. Friday might be fun, but Monday would be even more fun.
    As for the direction of the fun, who knows?
  3. Stocks continue to slog along in negative territory. Today's loss is shaping up to be the worst that the S&P 500 has suffered since December
  4. Yeah, took out some real cheap puts on a couple of stocks just in case things get really wild over the weekend. Greece looks like they just might have finally had enough. Or maybe the rest of Europe's had enough of Greece, kinda like this old story about Casey Stengel:

    Casey walks out to the mound. Pitcher says "I'm not tired". Casey replies "Yeah, but I'm tired of you."