ES go up !!!!!!!!!!

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  1. ES go up !!!!!!!!!!

    Wow !!!!
  2. rickf


    .... and watch it go down just as fast if the 'deal' doesn't get done, or done in time.... :)
  3. gmst


    long straddle even at these levels of vol makes sense to me atleast.
  4. Crazy! I want to short but can't pull the trigger.
  5. pspr


    Buy the rumor, sell the fact. Wait til Monday's close.
  6. I swear that if the trend continues, the world will end on a Sunday night just prior to Globex opening.

    It's farcical how every single bit of market moving news has to be released on a Sunday night.
  7. baro-san


    Why are they called "progressives"? It sounds like they're the "good" guys by definition. It's the same with "democracy": if you look up the definition you learn that "democracy" allows for the persecution of minorities when not bounded by a Constitution, but in that case it is called a "republic". Politicians and media incorrectly use the term "western democracies", just for propaganda reasons.
  8. +1. this has that "bin laden" bull trap feel to me.
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