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    Hi, I’m looking for the contract specifications of the ES Future Options traded on Globex but I can’t find them. I have found the EOM en the quarterly but the monthly option which expires the 3rd Friday of the Month were impossible to find. Are there American/European style, Cash settled, etc. Thanks in Advance, FT79
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    Are the ES optons as liquid as the OEX ones or better?
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    Don't know the volume of the OEX options but for the ES options the average volume is about 50,000 contracts per day (with extreme moves it can go to 100,000 contracts per day). You can always trade because there are liquidity providers but the spreads are sometimes quite large, especially during big moves of the ES
  6. There are both European and American style ES options.

    The European ES options are also called "EOM" or "End of Month" options.
  7. OEX and SPX index options have comparable liquidity and better spreads to ES, and commissions are lower than ES. Farther OTM options on ES have bigger spreads than OEX and SPX.

    I like ES only because they have EOM options with a full range of strikes and decent liquidity, whereas the index options have weeklys with very narrow range
  8. Thanks for the information.

    I trade FTSE options which are european style but they close at 4.30 pm uk time. I was looking european style options which will trade till US markets are open .

    If there are some others futures options -euro style- please inform. Thanks
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