ES EMINI Trading - The gap and others

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  1. As a computers programmer with a real passion (greed?) to the financial markets it was natural for me to experience by applying my skills. At the beginning the picture was blurry but 2 years later thanks to time and experience the path started to reveal itself. Though it is yet to be as sharp as an LCD HD TV on Blueray, I do consider it as a good start.

    I currently trade the ES, I use tick and time charts, volume and T&S. My eyes are my indicator, my stop and targets are set in stone.

    Hope to have a long and profitable journey with you all....

    Happy Trading
  2. A stop is a part of the game, I have had a few stops lately but they just make me stronger...

    Here are this week's trades

    3/15/2010 - Long @1143.50 - Target
    3/16/2010 - Short @1148.75 - Target
  3. So far, gap isn't forming. Still waiting
  4. Short @1161
  5. Closed it a few minutes later for a 3 ticks profit. this isn't my regular target but it wasn't working out.
  6. joe4422


    This is really bad thread.
  7. LOL! and this is probably its worst reply...

    I am trying to start something here. Submit my entries every morning and have a discussion about my trading method.

  8. Well done

    1 day into ur thread and you already are breaking your rules.
  9. Getting into a trade when a gap isn't present is the rule that I broke.
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