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  1. the most amazing investment the ES at a daytrade margin of $300...throw huge cars at it...great stuff...just voicing my support of the ES...looking seriously at TICK trading strategies...thoughts???
  2. Until you are on the wrong side then they are coming for your house and car. Leverage can be a good thing, over leveraged is usually a detrimental thing.
  3. Increase - hell, you can open forex accounts with credit cards AND get massive leverage, why stop with the ES!


    How's trading been? Are you trading live yet or just thinking of what new threads to start each day?
  4. 5 for 5 in the ES today........another day of great signals and good ES price action. When you have a very tight system the ES is excellent for scaling up.
  5. I think you would be dangerous to yourself if you ever actually traded.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh but the eminis were brought in for among other reasons the regular say S&P was too big for the average punter (I remember the days when it was $500) a point that was scary.

    It is so easy to get caught on the wrong side of a trade it doesnt really matter about the thick bid offer if you have 20 mini cars say on the market can easily wipe many samller accounts out before lunch with that leverage. Starting small and building I think is the best way it also gives you much needed confidence.

    Anything else you may as well go to Vegas at least the drinks are free
  6. Well done that is brilliant in a tight market like this. Be careful though over confidence can be as big a threat as fear both will lead to mistakes.
  7. that's nice and dandy but you still need a large enough account of no less than $500k, better $1mln, and only if you that good $200k, in that running losses off large positions won't create a serious psychological and material impact. trading off a sizeable account makes all the difference as you can cost average on all your trades.
  8. Agreed, 300 margin for retail traders is irresponsible and plain stupid. It's shit like this that have us in this housing crisis, too much leverage. It's akin to giving a Porsche to a 16 year old boy and asking him to drive safely.

    $500 is lowest a firm should let a retail trader go. $300 margin should only be offered to those who don't need it, a seasoned professional. Most of them are too smart and have already been burned by over leverage.

    Imagine what happens if their risk management software goes offline and some Nick lesson takes down the firm. It damages the integrity of segregated accounts, potentially all of them. Black swan events do happen as we have seen in the past and are seeing in the current.
  9. Use leverage only to add to winning positions that way you are using it responsibly with minimal risk.

  10. wow..great trading!
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