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  1. Is it 5 or 10 bid/asks? Did this just change or is it just my broker?
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    The bid/ask is now 10 deep. Its new starting today. there was a press release link on this site but i cant find it
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    Curiosity had me look and on x-trader i see the usual 5 on each side. Thats really no problem at all because in trading "LESS IS MORE".

    These days i have 2 screens up for trading ES and 1 screen is for a 5 minute chart with price only. The other screen has MD trader for order entry/exit and can be dragged to the chart screen is desired to when i shut the 2nd screen off which has the audit trail, fill window, x-trader startup, and that previously mentioned MD trader.

    "LESS IS MORE", never forget a great man can only handle one good women and the reason he became great is because of her. :D
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    go ask your professor if 15 would even be better. :D
  6. tt's mdtrader will show 10 deep. you need to configure your xt to do so. personally, i think its too much info..whatever is going on 8 ticks off the market ain't making me money.