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    Any tips on reading this?...
  2. Use a bot.
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    Come again?...
  4. The Globex can execute a trade every 13.7 milliseconds (as of May 2008 see news release at ) and can update the DOM even faster (since no price matching logic is involved).

    Can you process up to 100 DOM updates a minute? No, you can't. Thus you should use an automated trading robot AKA a bot to be able to take full advantage of the DOM.
  5. Error Correction: That question should be "Can you process up to 100 DOM updates a SECOND?"
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    Thanks for the clarification, Jeb. Interesting article to boot.

    The natural follow-on question would be do you really need to process every individual update in order to utilize the DOM as a trade-assist tool?

    My analogy would be a pitched medieval battle, 10,000 strong. At any one moment, there would be thousands of individual reactions and counter-reactions. However, from an aerial vantage, one could observe the ebb and flow, the tide of battle and, every so often, notice recurring patterns
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    I'm sure it takes a long time to get to grips with the DOM, and that there are no shortcuts.

    Saying that, does anyone have any useful advice for novice DOM/tape readers?
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    i heard reading not the supply and demand, but reading the last trade is helpful. for example if last trade is 1000 sold, then you know a big buyer sold.

    by the way, does anybody know how you can figure out if those big orders are buy or sell orders?
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    Thanks for the link, Sarvise. There’s a lot of interesting stuff on Steenbarger’s blog.
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