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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by horton, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. horton


    I'm looking for some interpretation from order flow oriented ES traders regarding a few of the games I see in the ES DOM every day. Three specifically come to mind:

    1. The 5,000+ orders on the responsive side of the market during trends. In my limited experience this seems to terminate the recent trend in the DOM, though a retest often follows. But so far I have come to respect the 5,000 responsive player in the DOM. Anyone else familiar with this pattern or disagree?

    2. The 3,000+ orders on the responsive side of the market at even numbers during trends. I assume these are large players doing rubber band scalps of each minor extension, but does anyone see it otherwise?

    3. The same as item 2 but set 2 ticks above the high or low to catch the next minor extension. I assume this is similar to item 2 but perhaps these are profit taking orders. Again, anyone else have a strong view on this?

    Of note, with respect to item 1, I noticed this game being played today just below 1325 at 10 minutes into RTH, presumably trying to hold the low from yesterday RTH, and price reacted back up to retest settlement. Then came the retest down and it took about 5 minutes of heavy pounding on the bid with plenty of negative TICK before the level broke down. Of course the volume on the breakdown was massive relative the rest of the IB and so I assume someoneextremely large was defending stops.