ES Daytraders, Whats max heat you will take ?

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  1. Hey All,

    I have a question for the ES daytraders out there. I'm curious what is the max heat you will allow yourself to take ?

    The firm I'm at wants me to dump/hard stop at 4 boxes, and it seems I'm always getting stopped out at a disadvantageous price.

    Just wondering if 4 boxes is standard, or if most ES traders will take more.
  2. pardon the ignorance, but what is four boxes?
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    "Max heat" on any particular trade SHOULD be determined by the chart.... it's the difference between your fill and some nearby support/resistance + overshoot buffer.
  4. Oh, I call a tick a box. I guess I just got used to calling them boxes, because each tick is graphically represented as a "box" in a market depth window.
  5. <b>tt76</b>, how are others at your firm doing with similar position management? Most importantly, how are the heads of firm doing with said trade management?
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    BTW... scalping for ticks is a suckers' game.
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    What is your target on these trades ? Only a point ?
    I always use 2 point stops, but sometimes fudge them to 2.5 if I got a poor entry near a SR level.
  8. some comments:

    1) i scalp for ticks for a living. so, whomever thinks it's a suckers game, it's a suckers game that you can make a great living at (note: i also do long-term and swing investments and positions plays in different accounts, but my primary income is YM scalps for 4-10 points

    2) your stop (imo) is best set based on the setup structure you are trading, vs. some arbitrary #. imo. all my (scalp) setups have predetermined stops, and many of my position setups do as well. for other position type trades, i use basic support/resistance (primarily based on market profile).

    the problem with arbitrary stop #'s is that, while they manage risk, they will manage it (often) very suboptimally, since they don't take into account market structure, or setup dynamics.


    i don't trade ES, I trade YM

    some setups use a 12 pts stop

    some use a 6 pt stop

    some use a 20 pts stop


    depends on the setup

    (note: 9-10 dow points = 1 ES point (which is 4 ES ticks))
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    A fixed stop (be it 4 ticks, 1 point or any other hard measure) has the inherited characteristic of ignoring price volatility.

    It might be a productive exercise to do some research in volatility...
  10. We dont have many ES traders right now. I'm one of a handful of guinea pigs in a sim room.

    My goal at the moment is getting 4-12 ticks per trade with a high win% or at least a low losing %. I'd say average winner I'm shooting for is 6 ticks.
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