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    in this journal i'll post trades of my daytrading system which trades ES and CL futures. the system is exactly the same for both markets.

    backtested results are great, see tradestation report in zip. let's see how it will perform "live".
    the purpose of the journal:
    i'd like to improve this system together with you based on it's live trades.
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    TS report for the ES
  3. quentint


    today's trades:

    Long entry at 1304.75

    Long entry at 107.95 exit 107.33
    loss $645
  4. Hey, great journal!!!...very interesting your combination of ES and CL...Questions:
    *why these 2?
    *is it the mini Crude (QM) or large CL?
    *how many contracts per trade?
    *how many trades per day?
    *basic strategy for the ES?
    *basic strategy for the CL?
    *follow any fundamental data?
    *what technical indicators?
    great journal! trading to you!!!
  5. I sold May CL this afternoon at 107.80 average. I expect to pare some off at 104 by the end of the week. Target 102.50.

    Sorry about the swing position, but there aren't many CL threads on ET.
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    Great journal! I look forward to watching this system and learning some new things...
  7. Took off half at 105.60 in light of the API-draw. Holding the remainder for 103-104.
  8. 103.90 on the remainder. +3.05 net on the two trades.

    quentint: I realize this it your journal, not mine. Good luck.
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    Hmm just waiting for this thread to pick up..Great journal, keep it up!

    It would help all of us if more information is given regarding your trades. :D
  10. quentint


    sorry for the late update.

    the 18 March long entry was unfortuantely exited at a low level 1305.50. i'm extremely unhappy with this exit.
    net profit from the trade: $20
    it "could be" a 20+ points day... but i stick with the system

    there was a next trade on 19 March
    entry long 1338.25 exit 30 min later at 1334.50
    that day was down all the way to the close, so it's good the trade was exited fast.
    loss $205

    today another long trade was entered at 13:00 pm CST 1314.00 so i hold a long position.

    on 18 March there was another long trade
    entry 109.51 exit 108.9 - the system exits all positions at 3:15pm CST
    loss $635
    on the next day we had a nice ride to the downside so good the trade was exited, bad there was no short.

    20 march
    another long trade entry 99.46 exit on profit target at 101.74
    net profit $2255
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