ES Charts: Pit Hours or Globex?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by daydreaming, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. Just curios to see what time templates ES traders prefer to use: Pit Hours, 8:30 to 3:15 CST or Globex, 24 hours? I watch a couple of basic moving averages like 200 and 14 on the 5 minute candle chart. Results change from using Pit Hours and Globex. Any idea? Any preference?
  2. Kermit


    Globex, near-24. Like to get the whole picture and see what went on overnight.

  3. I agree with keeping an eye on what is going on during the night to get ready for morning action. However, during Pit Hours, do you watch technical indicators based upon Pit Hours or Globex? It makes a huge difference for example when looking at the 200 moving average on the 5 minute chart.
  4. I suggest that you have both up, you can layer the charts. When their is a gap then the Globex chart should be more in

    But regardless of that I look at both charts and get a feel for which charts fits the definition of my edge better.

    You could do this by waiting for a setup of your edge and seeing which chart "talks to you".

    They both have there place, at least in my trading style.


    Bruce Hawkins
  5. gnome


    I trade off of the cash chart. When that indicates, I execute with ES.

    For AH, I keep a cash chart up for reference and fade support and resistance when the ES gets to an "eqivalent" price in the cash.
  6. Kermit


    I trade the ES and therefore use Globex on my screen so that my technical indicators are native to that market during RTH.