ES charting what works best ?

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    I am looking for help to find an approach that uses a few indicators that when they all line up the trade has a high % of success. I have learned about indicators know what they do however what 1,5 or15 min time frames over how many days works the best? Also what about tick charts 233,1096 etc what cirteria do you use to choose? Especialy for the ES ? Which ones work better for swing trading the ES which for day trading?
    Looking for help to speed up this part of the learning curve. Knowing the market, having the right mindset is something else.
    I was using kelter channels, macd, rsi but even with these what are the best settings ?
    Also what or who is responsible for these big moves after the normal trading hours Institutions ? Hedge funds? I thankyou for your input K
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    Here's a hint: A trading chart shouldn't look like a nighttime carnival. The bright lights will nearly "blind" you.
  3. I think trying to get indicators to confirm each other is not that useful. Most of them are measuring the same thing anyway.

    There are no magic settings for any market. What works best one day will not be optimal another. It depends on how the market is acting.

    The best advice I can give is to learn to trade with the trend as measured in higher timeframes, to learn how to identify support and resistance and important levels, and to learn how to identify trend days versus consolidation/chop days. I find it more helpful to identify patterns than to rely on indicators.

    Using the standard indicator crosses and OB/OS readings will work in some market conditions and fail miserably in others. Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing which condition you are facing. If you are determined to use indicators, I would suggest learning how to trade divergences.

    For a newbie trying to trade the ES, it is well worth the time and effort to do some serious backtesting of your intended approach. If you can't make money on historical data, it's unlikely you will in real time.