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  1. Hi everybody, this is my first post after being a visitor for some time.

    Here are the issues:
    1). Sometimes when I exit the Ninja/Zen platform and re-enter it, I found that the most recent intraday ( 15-min & 30-min ) candlesticks are slightly re-adjusted to a new price ( and fixed thereafter), as if the most recent real-time price on the chart does not reflect the actual price at the exchange? Somehow the DOM looks OK and tallies the real-time live chart.
    Although the different is small, it makes me uncomfortable because it may affect my trading strategy. Imagine the price you see now is not the the actual price when it becomes the historical price on the chart.

    2). Compare the ES charts ( similar time-frame ) between Ninja/Zen and esignal ( from ), prices are not similar. Isn't all ES data feed come from the same source, Globex?

    Feedbacks from members are appreciated.
  2. Just to add on. I found that issue #1 mostly happens during the early 1 to 2 hours of the US market ( when the transaction is very fast and high?) I do not follow the afternoon session so I don't know whether it may happen at that period.
    Can it be the high intensity of transaction that causes the system unable to acurately record / display the OHLC of prices on the chart. Or another guess is my computer clock that causes it to happen only on the platform on my computer, but nobody else has this problem.

    The most recent occurence I ever detected was on Tuesday ( 28 April ), on both 9:30am and 10:00am EST 30-minute candlesticks. As I exit and re-opened the Ninja platfrom, I just could not believe that both candlesticks had changed in shape and magnitude.

    I doubt that this reliability issue may happen again and again anytime in future. Can somebody or representative of Ninjatrader at this forum shed some light on this problem? Thanks.
  3. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    My guess is that it is a sync issue with your local PC clock. Your best bet would be to post the question on the Ninja Trader Support Forums for a faster, more comprehensive response to your question.
  4. Thanks for your suggestion.