ES Channel Chimps

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by profitseer, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. Variation of the BB chimp system. See what you think.

    ES chart time =n
    Fast ma=n
    Slow ma=n*5

    enter with trend when fast ma crosses slow ma only if room to run to channel. Take profits when channel is hit (or your personal money target is hit, or let it run at your discretion)

    Use opposite channel for stop

    Just a variation of ma crossover, with room being the whipsaw filter. (must always be mindful of sar)

    try n=6 for example

    5 multiplier is not optimized and should be, 5 is just rule of thumb
  2. on 5 min chart with slow ma and channels set at 23, trades about 3 times a day for 1 es point minimum.

    need 75% hitrate to make a living

    better know what you are doing around support and resistance
  3. if you like to use the 1 min chart try

    fast ma=25
    slow ma=125
    n channels=125
  4. Is that book coming yet... remember the Profitseer's 1,000,001 Ways to trade, or something like that? I'd like to be on the list of purchasers if I may.

  5. I'm gonna get some money out of these channels yet. I have enough time and energy already invested in them.

    inandlong, you're an ma trader, what's the biggest problem? entry too late, crosses back over at breakeven, and whipsaw.

    Check the crosses near the channels. Most of them are dogs. The few good crosses occur in the middle of the channels.

    Take those, use the opposite channel for a stop, and if you find yourself in the good fortune of a bona fide channel breakout, you are sitting pretty with a better entry than most and staying power all the way to the other side.