ES between 3 and 3:15 pm CST on 2/4/03

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  1. What happened on 2/4/2003 between 3 and 3:15 pm CST? ES quotes went as high as 948 from 847 in 3 minutes? Did Globex have a technical problem or somebody was trying to clean up stops? Is this common?
  2. Marty


    Subject: ESH3 Trades above 86000 are in question
    This is a Message From: GLOBEX Control Center
    Effect Date: Tue February 4, 2003 03:16 pm CST
    Notice Number:

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    This happens once two to three months. Learn it before you play futures. Good luck.

  4. qdz,
    I have been trading es for about a year & have seen nothing like this before. I also see nothing like this in historical charts. Are you sure about your comment - particularly regarding the size of this spike?
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    Did some fool bid for 5000 at the market when CSCO's earnings report hit to cause that? :cool:
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    These death spikes used to happen more often up to a couple of years ago..fwiw
  7. Usually in response to surprise intraday rate cuts.

    Check out 1/03/01, and 4/18/01.

    I remember these well since I was long both times, and bailed for lunch each time.

    But they don't happen much anymore.
  8. ..and lets not forget oct 15, 1998...that was really sinister...about 2 minutes after the bond market closed and the day before october options went flying and never looked back...set up the entire final move higher into 2000...

    its a good thing greenspan does not have the proverbial "bullets" anymore...that kind of trickery should be removed from the markets...
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    All trades above 860 are busted per CME.

    They are investigating the problem.

  10. Stops are you friend.
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