ES Automation, Where to begin please?

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  1. Looking for feedback please on which platforms you use for ES for automation trading? Do you use TS or Ninja and then code to your platform? I have some signals on TS but my ES broker does not have the ability to handle a code for automation.

    I have not traded with TS either so if you have done automation with them I would appreciate feedback.

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  2. Use the API for IB's TWS and write whatever you want.
  3. Try these folks for automation needs and brokerage recommendations:

  4. Obviously there are a number of great tools available to compile and execute trading strategies.

    As a first step into this area try using excel and excel add-ins provided by various brokers and platforms.

    ie. TT, IB, OEC etc....

    You should be able to grab a feed and start strategizing on your trading methodology. Do some quick and dirty mock ups and then you'll have a better guage on what tools would be best suited for running your system.
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  6. AMI broker with good data is great fro RD....NT for trade execution is the best option we found after 3 years of research.