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    Can any one out there give some info on where to go to find some no bs good info and strategies on trading the mini's. I've been using the simulator of PFG's for the last two weeks with good results on the S&P's but as simulators go they are not without their problems.

    Thanks People
  2. Do not rely on anything out there.

    Trial and error is and always will be the best learning tool. Forget "paper trading" and simulators, they are worthless.

    Get your feet wet.
  3. I see some value with paper trading: if you can't make money paper trading, you probably won't make it trading real money either.

    -- ITZ
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  5. I've used Ffastrade's trainer- If we want to use a great one, theirs is excellent, I believe they give you 1-2 weeks
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  7. I agree paper trading is useless if your paper trading strategy involves the use of limit orders, because its impossible to know whether you would have gotten filled sometimes. A safe assumption is probably that you would have taken ALL the losses, and missed many of the really big gains, because your order would never have gotten filled on the big gainers. You would have missed the boat. This is the main flaw of any paper trading system, the inability to definitively know you would have been filled on a limit order.
  8. Just another guy who thinks paper trading is worthless, if not downright destructive.

    The psych factor is 90% of the game.

    Trade small to learn. Use QQQ if you have to.

  9. I didn't say WORTHLESS, I just said you can't use a strategy that relies on limit orders being filled, unless you only count the trade as having occurred if the price action trades completely through your limit order.
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